Friday, September 9, 2011

The Impossible Game (PSN) Review

Now, this is gaming, just a boy and his cube against a spiky nasty world. No score, progress bar or frivolous rewards to accumulate, just the need to jump and keep jumping at precisely the right moment. When playing the game properly, all you do is jump, jump and jump some more.

In practice mode, you can drop flags as restart points to help you master the level, and can progress to later levels in this manner, but you know you won't have done it properly until you can do it without stabilisers. All the while fighting the sole statistic in the game, the number of attempts that your feeble reactions have taken so far.

Taking on and beating the Impossible Game is actually possible, there are videos of folk doing it on YouTube, and there are a few stamina-testing rewards to collect, but really this is all about removing all the fluff from a video game and giving the player a pure and simple objective.

Slick, neatly sound-tracked and great fun in short doses, prepare to have your reactions and short-term memory tested to the maximum.

Available on PSN for £1.74 [Grip Games]
7/10 Purist gaming that couldn't be any more so if it'd dripped through the Evian source. 

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