Sunday, September 18, 2011

I had a dream... About the iPhone 5 launch, and Star Wars

Having basked in the Vita's OLED glow these past few days, I read about Apple's iPhone 5 launch last night, and, combined with the recent Star Wars Blu-ray launch, managed a corking dream combining the two. Maybe it's been a busy week at work, or I have a new psychic link to Apple's marketing team.

Now that Tim Cook is in charge, I suppose Apple might be open to a more dramatic launch style of event. So, the whole iOS5 launch was done on a Star Wars Cloud City set with Artoo guarding the iPhone 5 from Imperial agents with it's secret plans [iCloud-stored copies of the HD Star Wars trilogies]. AT-STs patrolled the stage, C3-P0 clattered around with an iPad and was a whole more interesting than Apple's usual one man and his keynote stuff. There were chase scenes, shoot-outs and only a few stats slides.

I don't know if I should lay off the Cheddar before sleeping but quite a lot of this makes sense (to me), it's not that far off when The Beatles came to iTunes, and neatly sells the iPhone, iCloud and iTunes to billions of Star Wars fans. Sure, there's the Artoo Xbox coming out, but how neat would a rebel iPhone be?

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