Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sony to Announce New Vita Game in Famitsu This Week

If I read this new translated Japanese Sony Vita Blog correctly, Sony will unveil a new game this week (the 25th) in an issue of Famitsu, with more new titles being announced in the run up to Tokyo Games Show, over the next four weeks.

"And PlayStation Vita. As promised last time, the information in PS Vita will continue to gradually release this week. The issue of Weekly Famitsu notice released at the end of last week, "the latest scoop PS Vita" featured the following line in Famitsu's efforts this week and you probably have noticed that I can come is written as Waremasu. "Special features exclusive PlayStation Vita consecutive No. 4" August 25, will be announced titles for the PS Vita. This week is the first of this particular project.
You can read the post yourself using Google Chrome's browser or by babelfishing the page in other browsers. Wonder what the game will be, what Sony titles are missing from the main list?

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