Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nintendo's Response to PS Vita, 3DS Price Cut and Free Games

You knew it was coming, with the less than stellar sales of the 3DS, (only 700,000+ in the last quarter) Nintendo is slashing the price of the console and offering a host of free games to users. From August 12, the price will drop to $169 in the U.S. with similar cuts around the world.

By way of an apology to those who paid the full launch price, gamers will get a whopping 20 free titles, although some of these will be Virtual Console NES titles and the like. Which means the PS Vita on launch will look pretty pricey, although some 3 million people snapped up the 3DS at its original launch price.

The price cut was always going to happen at Nintendo, but you suspect they would rather than got another year out of the 3DS before having to do it, how long did the Wii sell at its full price for? This also acts as a spoiler for when Sony announces the PSV release date at GamesCon in August, good timing, but still not something Nintendo would have wanted.

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