Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sony's House Puts the Case for Vita

In a VG24/7 interview, Sony's Andrew House answered a couple of questions about the Vita and PlayStation Suite. Still nothing on PS2 games being playable on the Vita or next-gen Xperia Play devices, but I feel that its coming as part of Suite! Here's some of what the big man had to say:

The pricing for Vita seems to be very squarely aimed at the 3DS pricing. Is that how you see it?

The pricing was a deliberate move in understanding, as we now do I think, the portable device dynamic. We have a better understanding of that. In order to build the kind of momentum for that kind of device, it was a strong view (particularly from the publishing and marketing arm of the organisation) that an aggressive price point was needed. I don’t think the competition really weighs into the judgement as far as I’m concerned – it’s about delivering great value for money for consumers, but balanced with running a responsible business.

And for PS Suite:

I’ve been asked a lot, how does Vita and Playstation Suite coexist? And to me it’s really quite simple, because you’re trying to address the market from both ends. You’re saying, if you’re the consumer whose priority is a productivity communications device but you also want a better gaming experience, then PS Suite on an Android phone is the way to go. If you’re someone whose primary motivation for purchase is the games that you play, having the best possible experience out there, but you also want to remain connected as a secondary priority, then I think Vita is the way to go. Consumers are very smart about making those decisions and knowing what device is for them.

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