Thursday, May 26, 2011

PSP Sales Dip, PlayStation Brand Rakes in the Cash

Sony stated that NGP is still on course for launch this year during its Japanese earnings briefing earlier today. I guess we'll find out where and when during E3.

Sony sold 8 million PSPs last year (down a couple of million, but still not bad for a gadget approaching end of life), helping the PlayStation division to a £270/$435 million profit but sales got only a slight increase at ¥1,572 billion (£11.7 billion/$19.2 billion).

It expects to sell another 6 million this year, helped by new bundles. Sony sold 46.6 million PSP games, which was up on last year's 44.4 million, the figures will be damaged by an estimated £106 million cost due to the PSN outage and subsequent restoration/restitution. There was no breakdown between PSP/PSPGo but, frankly, it won't make much difference

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