Friday, May 13, 2011

PSP Dominates Japan's Golden Week

Sorry for the radio silence, but Blogger is now back up and running, after a day long outage - but at least we didn't lose any posts, so on with the show:

First up is the news that the PSP maintained its hold on the top of the Japanese hardware charts:

  1. PlayStation Portable - 55,140
  2. Nintendo 3DS - 29,149
  3. PlayStation 3 - 20,883
  4. Nintendo DSi - 19,516
  5. Wii - 11,520 
Next up, the PSN service might be coming back up sometime soon (how many times have we said that in the last few weeks) VG24/7 has some detail on what is just a rumour, but anything to cheer us up. And that's it for a truncated Friday - take care!

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