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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final Promise Not Actually No. 1 Shocker

Um, that Japanese charts article from earlier today, about the early Japanese chart, umm, if you could just erase it from your mind.

In fact, the chart-with-sales-figures has just appeared and there's a DS game at No. 1 parked firmly ahead of Final Promise, and Patapon is actually only at No. 4, still healthy sales all round.

[NDS] 1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional (Square Enix, 03.31.11): 74,000 (411,000)
[PSP] 2. Final Promise Story (Imageepoch, 04.28.11): 60,000 NEW!
[PS3] 3. El Shaddai (Ignition Entertainment Limited, 04.28.11): 58,000 NEW!
[PSP] 4. Patapon 3 (SCEJ, 04.28.11): 49,000 NEW!
[NDS] 5. Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (Pokemon, 04.21.11): 33,000 (92,000)
[PSP] 6. 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Hakai Volume (Namco Bandai, 04.14.11): 27,000 (379,000)
[PSP] 7. Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 (Konami, 04.14.11): 22,000 (122,000)
[PS3] 8. Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 (Konami, 04.14.11): 17,000 (128,000)
[PSP] 9. Starry Sky in Winter Portable (honeybee, 04.28.11): 15,000 NEW!
[PSP] 10. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (Capcom, 12.01.10): 11,000 (4,457,000)

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