Thursday, April 7, 2011

NGP to be Named and Priced at E3 Rumour

Okay, this sounds so reasonable and logical that its hardly worth making a fuss about. However the news [VG24/7 via some French spod] does come with mention of a new Polyphony Digital game in 2012, which is welcome news.

Although if its like the last time when Sony promised a game that didn't appear for nearly five years then I'm going to get very upset indeed.

As for the actual name, well I wouldn't be surprised if Sony dropped the PSP name after its relatively weak performance in the west, but it'll have to be a PlayStation something, so - go through the alphabet, add each letter to the PS and think of a mobile, portable or freedom-ish kind of word that could go with it....

PSA - PlayStation Anywhere
PSB - PlayStation Bus
PSC - PlayStation Cargo
PSD - PlayStation Dynamo
PSE - PlayStation Everywhere
PSF - PlayStation Funsize
PSG - PlayStation Go (oh, hang on)
PSH - PlayStation Handheld

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