Sunday, April 24, 2011

NGP Launch Line-Up Firming Up; WipeOut, Uncharted, ModNation plus new games

Sony's NGP launch is starting to feel a little more real as a number of sources suggest that the launch line-up of first party games will feature titles both new and old. A report has suggested that it might launch in Europe and the US before Japan in 2011.

Launching with it will be a new WipeOut game (2048), Uncharted, a revamped ModNation Racers and a new game called Smart As... That's probably not quite the list gamers are expecting, but as long as there are plenty of third-party titles to flesh things out, it shouldn't be too bad.

A Resistance game is expected to release in the new year and will be one of the first games to use some NGP trickery, using the system's camera to help players pick up weaspons according to a snippet at UberGizmo.

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