Monday, April 11, 2011

Continuing this iPad vs. NGP Silliness

After writing my weekend thought, based on my search stats, I read this piece, this morning, stating that games are the No. 1 use for tablets with 84% of owners using their iPad for games. The thing is, they get the iPad first - then they discover and play games.

If they wanted to play games in the first place, they'd have have got a games console. What is an issue from now though, is that since portable gaming can be seen as somewhat kiddy, or that tablets are just the "must-have" gadgets, people will naturally assume that gaming on the iPad is where its at.

That's not a bad thing in itself, but if big-game developers divert more resources to cut-down touchscreen-based games, there is less available for other devices. While I love the iPad and admire what its doing to the PC industry, I'm not so sure that developers should be taking the quick and easy buck.

I'd rather things went the other way, developers come up with original ideas and concepts on the iPad and then bring them to life on fully-powered, tighter-controlled devices. Anyway, enough on the subject as even I'm starting to obsess on what is just one peculiarity of this moment in time.

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