Monday, April 4, 2011

3D Twist and Match (PSN) Review

I was all prepared to let my lad have a go at 3D Twist & Match, but having started it, it took longer than you might think for a mere shape-moving game to slip from my grasp. The idea is staggeringly simple, rotate the shapes (across and vertically) to match the black outline in the background, all done in a great little collection of themed levels.

There's a regular Classic mode to build a score, Rush to compete against the clock and a Practice Mode where you can try out particularly tricky shapes. With three difficulty levels, there is plenty of challenge for grown-ups as well as kids as you try to line up cars, sports equipment, holiday gear, worker's tools and other shapes against their shadows.

Apart from challenge your own efforts, there is little longevity in the game, which is a shame because a lot of work has gone into the brightly designed levels and quirky objects that can get in the way of your smooth progression. Racing against time and getting up a row of "Awesomes" for lining the objects up extra-fast is rewarding, whatever your age. But for a bout of pick-up-and-play-fun, this has broad appeal.

Available on PSN for £1.74 [Sanuk]
7/10 Surprising fun for all ages.

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