Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotted: NGP-Related Launch Countdown

While browsing the "NGP" tweets this morning I came across this one:

"NGP(NewGenerationPSP)に見せかけてNGP(NeoGeoPocket)かもしれない。>" from this chap.

and the link heads to this page entitled Compile Heart with a "coming soon" message and a 20-and-a-bit day countdown. There are a bunch of dead consoles piled up in the background. Quite what the timer is doing on a NeoGeo Pocket is even more of a mystery... wonder what it all means.

A new emulator service being announced? Looking at all those consoles and given the power of the NGP, it could well be. Intriguing stuff - even if it turns out to be nothing, a nice piece of art.

The company behind it is a games publisher with Astonishia Story and other titles on its roster, but, based on the image, this is something a lot bigger than just a game.

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