Wednesday, March 2, 2011

psp2roundup - February in Numbers

The blog's second full month of activity saw 2,112 page views, only slightly up on last month (but it was a shorter month) with the Xperia Play generating a little less interest than the NGP. Posted 55 articles to the blog and got a few more ad clicks this month, so the cat enjoyed luxury chunks!

Nearly at 100 followers on Twitter, despite the posts going up to over to well over 150, note to self - must do some work on that. The most popular articles in the month were the leaked Xperia Play advert and the Ridge Racer 4 PSone video.

Best news, some comments came in! People do like to talk, that and a few chats on Twitter mean I finally feel a little social with this social medium! March offers lots of developer-centric from GDC and hopefully some early talk of NGP games.

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