Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sony sells 6m PSPs, 16m Games in Nine Months

Who says the PSP is dead?

Eurogamer reports on Sony's financials for its third quarter of 2010/11 showing that the company expects to sell 8 million PSPs over the year, and it has 16 million games for the portable in the latest quarter. With the PS3 doing a roaring trade Sony's gaming division is back in the black.That lot makes for a total rise of 135% in profit from the gaming division.

Sony's PSP quarter-on-quarter sales are a little down, lets face it the console is nearing end-of-life, but games sales are actually up. So, since we can expect a price drop in the run-up to the NGP launch, PSP will make a nice little earner for Sony.

Also, while a lot of that business is down to Monster Hunter in Japan, the recent charts showing plenty of PSP titles in the top 10, prove that there is life left in the system yet and with at least a few big games to come, at least PSP will have busy last year.

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