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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mixed Reaction From First Xperia Play Hands Ons

A few sites/mags have had access to the Xperia Play now, mostly at a London event.

Their reactions are a little on the mixed, side with some "getting it" more than others. For the Slashgear reviewer to complain about "only" 50 games at launch is laughable and ignores all the regular Android games it can play.

Stuff Mag - "And it’s a notch above the PSP controls – or a Sixaxis PS3 controller – thanks to the touchpad controls found in the middle of the device. We found it easier to control our speeding ball of horsepower with the “hard” keys, but that’s probably a combination of early software and user inexperience."

"Even so, next to prodding and swiping a touchscreen, the Xperia Play is a relative joy. The payoff is a comparatively bulky form that, combined with the Xperia Play’s plasticky build, will make it less alluring to style hounds."

Slashgear - "For one, I’m disappointed to see that the XPERIA Play will come with only about 50 games at launch. That figure will of course be higher over time, but considering there are thousands of games available on the iPhone, and hundreds of outstanding options on the Nintendo DS, I just don’t see a reason to turn to the XPERIA Play as my gaming choice."

Edge - "It's comfortable in the hands, but aside from the screen, the Xperia Play doesn't look or feel expensive in the same way as many newer smartphones, or Sony's own Playstation and Bravia hardware ranges. The combination of shiny black plastic for the exterior and matte silver plastic for the slide-out game pad do not do that beautiful screen justice."

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