Friday, February 4, 2011

Private PSP2 Event Shows A Dev-Friendly Approach

The Eurogamer site has some news of a private developer event in London that showed off the PSP2 (NGP) to the folks interested in developing for it.

Among the details are:
  • Developers need to supply advanced plans for new games before getting dev kit.
  • Wipeout was running at full speed purely based on the PS3 port
  • Year one - hardcore games focus, after that comes a wider focus
  • Developers think it is a dream to port and code for

Read the full article for more. The upshot it is it looks like Sony has got everything right this time, apart from availability and launch numbers.

Also in the UK, developers Rebellion have their full dev tools up and running on PSP2 and are ready to take bids from publishers who want new games or conversions. The Aliens vs. Predator and Star Wars: Battlefront developers also have an unannounced new mutiplayer FPS game to unveil at GDC - which will be one of the first actual game unveilings beyond all the concept work we're seeing

From Japan, I see that Earth Seeker is working on a freakish original title while the Badman team also appear to have a new game up their sleeves.

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