Wednesday, February 23, 2011

EU PSP Store Update 23/2

While the Americans have been lapping up Xenogears, I've been prowling the floor waiting for it to show up on this side of the Atlantic. Did it, did it? Ummm - no, bum!

Yes, I could sign up for a US account (thanks Kristoph), but that's a pain until Sony allow multiple accounts registered on a PSP. Anyway, here's what we get to play with today...

A fairly bare week with Tactics Ogre, the standout, if expensive, highlight. Still, its £25 on Amazon, and you only have to wait for the 1Gb download! Will check to see if its cheaper anywhere else.

A shame that the PS3 gets a Clone Wars demo but PSP doesn't, remember the little fella guys.


Ys I & II Chronicles £15.99, 915 MB
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together £27.99, 1122 MB
Peter Jackson’s King Kong £7.99, 488 MB


Twisted Metal £3.99, 68 MB


Cars £7.99, 259 MB


Nothing new, sale still on though for those 99p bargains.

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