Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dumbass articles of our time?

Can someone please read this at Product Reviews and come up with reasonable argument as to why the author is right. My response in the comments (and below) I think sums up what's wrong with his arguments, but jeez what a random pile of crap posing as an article (And, yes, sometimes I do go off on one and spout drivel too, but I try to keep it vaguely sane)

Sorry? "miles behind.... in offering a better gaming experience" What? Please go and try playing Sonic 4 or Resident Evil on the iPhone, then try them on the 3DS/NGS when they come out.

The difference is beyond night and day, in fact its a good few revolutions beyond... Also, developers will be challenged by 3DS and NGP to do new things( whereas all the iPhone has is a semi-novel control method that hampers most game types, so that developers have to reduce and remove features for games to fit in.

Games work better on games consoles, novelties work well on iPhone - even stuff that should work like point and click adventures have become unnatural and stilted (see Broken Sword).

I won't argue there isn't a lot of money to be made from developers producing GOOD iPhone games, but gamers have a far different set of expectations than general phone users do and are rarely impressed by anything that the App Store can offer.

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