Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Could iPad 2 Be A Gamer's Dream

With the iPad 2 unveiling confirmed for next week, and such features as a massive resolution display unlikely additions due to costs, could Apple take a gaming-focused direction with the device to waggle a finger at Sony's forthcoming NGP and Xperia Play?

If Apple can squeeze in a dual-core processor then it could certainly be a power match for the Xperia Play, in fact the current year-old iPad can run it pretty close. If it manages to ship with the rumored dual-core SGX543 GPU, then it could give the NGP a fair fight. Of course both those devices have dedicated control inputs, something iPad will never have.

We'll see next Wednesday, but with extra cooling, and increasing gaming activity on the iPhone and iPad, Apple would be mad to ignore the booming community, and the chance to put a cat among its rival's pigeons.

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