Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are PS2 Games Coming to PSP?

That's an odd thought in itself, but there are some rumors doing the rounds that this could be happening. To be honest, I think this is something for either NGP, or Xperia Play (using PlayStation Suite).

If Sony had given the PSP enough power to run PS2 games, it would have been selling them on the store years ago, to help prop up dwindling PSP sales in the west, and to generate heaps of revenue from the massive PS2 back catalog.

Even if Sony had some sort of cloud-based OnLive solution, the PSP takes 1/3 of its power to run the network connection, so I doubt there would be enough to manage the game side. Looking at the hardware, there just isn't the power for the little PSP to do the job.

Finally, I read translations of interviews with the Japanese Sony guys and most statements can be easily misconstrued, so this is one rumor going straight in the bin.

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