Thursday, January 20, 2011

PSP2 vs. 3DS

Its hard to critique an announced product against an all-rumour one, but I'll give it a quick go based on what I saw from yesterday's myriad of Nintendo announcements.

First, there is no way on earth my kid (currently a happy DSi player) is playing with a 3DS, in the real world, I buy him the right sized shoes to keep his feet healthy so I won't buy something that might screw with his developing eye-sight, even though he's nearly seven and out of Nintendo's defined no-play age range.

Also, I'll want a damn good play in-store before deciding if I can use it without getting eye-strain or headaches. In fact, if I was a more consumer awareness-type, I'd want a medic in every store to check potential buyer's eye condition before purchase. Now, that would give the tabloids a field day.

Back to the games, the line-up for the 3DS looks solid enough now, but its all old-hat - I'm looking for new things to play. With PSP2 I'm looking for real, high-calibre FPS titles, online RTS and RPG games - and bags of NEW games. I want it to do the big console experience on the run but I also want stuff that no other console has.

I think the 3DS gives developers one more go to rehash their old wares in a slightly new way and give the minimum of effort. Hopefully the folks working on PSP2 games have a little more time and creativity to come up with a new wave of games.

Clearly, the PSP2 is going to be a powerhouse and more expensive than the 3DS and that will count against it on the shelves, so I don't expect the tables to be turned in this generation but all PSP2 has to do is offer something that little bit different to tempt me. Roll on the 27th.

Of course, I'll probably get both in the end, but the core gamer in me wants more than the 3DS is offering - a Wii with legs, I don't really think so.

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