Sunday, January 23, 2011

PSP2 Takes the Kindle Approach to Roaming Connectivity

News in from Japan [Andriasang] originating from the Nikkei offers a hint of the PSP2's feature set. As with the Amazon Kindle, it will use a non-call 3G connection to allow users to download information when away from the home Wi-Fi point. Kindle users don't pay (directly) for the connection, Amazon takes the cost and builds it into their overall cost model.

Now, downloading a few 100K of book text is a lot different to game demos or low-latency gaming data, so its not the solution I was hoping for - a high-cost 3G or expensive 4G connection would be needed for decent gaming purposes. Still, at least at means the PSP2 can stay in touch when away from home.

Phone (PlayStation) Home

If Sony does offer the console through phone shops, then I suppose a contract is doable - but how many people want to suffer multiple phone contracts and how expensive would it be for lots of data use? Even then, 3G isn't really fast enough for downloading demos and the like - small content perhaps - we'll have to see.

This also opens up the question of who Sony will go with in the U.S. (AT&T or Verizon) and the UK (Vodafone, 3, O2 etc). In Japan its good old DoCoMo who have the widest ranging network in the country.

The other information revolves around an OLED screen which should be super-power efficient and a new HD processor, presumably a super-scaler for playing on the go, or outputting to a decent HDTV. That side of the machine is looking good, but at what price - the specs sound awesome, but with all these features must come a whacking great price tag?

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