Friday, January 7, 2011

PSP Games Heading to PSP Phone, why bother?

To prove that the PSP Phone (Xperia Play) is looking like a crazy idea, I read in a Digital Foundry piece that:

Our sources tell us that existing PSP titles will be ported to the phone which makes much more sense, but this introduces its own challenges: firstly it requires a substantial investment from Sony in bringing over its flagship titles, and secondly it means that third-party publishers will need to splash the cash in order to port over their existing catalogue of PSP titles.
Apart from the top 10 on metacritic and a few usual suspect brands, most of these games have sold next to nothing. Porting them to a new device which is most likely to attract gamers who have played from before is, largely a waste of time. Sure, if these can be played on all Android phones then fair enough, but, then, what's the point in the specialist gaming phone?

Its all starting to go a bit wonky on the focus front for Sony and Sony Ericsson, what with a special store for its own games and these other quirks coming in. Time to start wondering how Sony will manage to arse up the PSP 2 launch I think.

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